Original WLtoys V977 Helicopter Battery-3.7V 450MAH 25C li-Poli battery ,Akku for Wltoys V977 Helicopter
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Original V977 Helicopter Battery-3.7V 450MAH Battery 25C Li-Poli Battery

Wltoys-V966 V977 V930 Battery Original 3.7v 450MAH 25c Battery

Original V977 Battery-3.7V 450MAH 25C Battery

(Original Wltoys V977 Battery-3.7v 450mAH battery 25c)
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As low as USD $9.99

Item description:Original V977 Helicopter Battery-3.7V 450MAH 25C Battery
Battery size:-mm
Battery weight:About =g
Plug:51005-2P-Forward line length 30mm

You can see juset perfect put into the helicopter

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